Track all product information

Have the tool to control and optimize your warehouse, stock room and supply room.

Manage and Control  supplies and goods

Managing product movements, delivering supplies and goods to 

employess or when you rent them to customers.

Odoo • Image and Text

Manage in and out easily

You will be able to know where your goods and supplies are in real time.

Easy to use mobile interface conected to the powerful Odoo Inventory app.

Connected to HR

Lend goods to your employees and track location.

Connected to Project

Lend goods to your employees and track location based on clients proyects.

Rent Products

Easy to use rent application to have control when delivering your products to clients.

Manage Responsible of goods

Integrated with signatures, responsible will be assigned.

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Odoo - Aplicación de Ventas


Create customer invoices in just a few clicks.

Odoo - Aplicación de TPV

Point of Sale

Easily create invoices from Point of Sale transactions into Odoo Accounting.

Odoo - Aplicación de Inventario


Maintain full control over your inventory and get accurate forecasts of stock levels.

Odoo - Aplicación de Gastos


Track expenses and re-invoice them in batches.

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